Join the online climate hackathon

An online 36-hour hackathon with leading climate organizations, challenges, and experts to accelerate software solutions for climate and inspire the next wave of software professionals.

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3 Days to hack the climate crisis

Join our 36-hour climate hackathon, an immersive experience packed with 1-on-1 expert office hours, networking opportunities, and a wealth of climate resources.

Your fast-track to climate tech innovation

// Personalized mentorship

Get direct feedback and guidance during office hours.

// Collaborate and innovate

Hack real-world climate solutions alongside a diverse team.

// Networking events

Expand your professional circle within the climate tech field.

Grand Prize

Free Enrolment: Software for Climate course // worth $1,499 per seat

8-week course to unlock your potential as a climate change software developer. Understand software’s role in climate solutions, explore four major applications of software in climate, craft a portfolio of projects, and build a network of climate tech peers to help you land a climate job.

Jaime Curtis and Jason Curtis

Co-Founders, Option Zero

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Join us for the exciting kick-off of our 3-day “Hack for the Planet” hackathon! Hear from challenge owners, invited speakers, and the event organizers as we set the stage for an incredible weekend of hacking solutions for climate change. Get inspired, meet your fellow participants, and get ready to make a difference.


This is your chance to find like-minded individuals who share your passion for tackling climate change through software. Whether you have a brilliant idea or are looking to join a team that resonates with you, the Team Selection session is where the magic happens. Once teams are formed, the hacking begins! Get ready to collaborate, innovate, and create solutions that can make a real difference in the fight against climate change.




Need some guidance or have burning questions? Our expert advisors are here to help! On Day 2, from 9am to 10am, join us for office hour calls where you can get personalized advice, discuss your ideas, and receive valuable insights to take your solutions to the next level.

Meet industry stalwarts in open conversations —

Mackenzie Siren

Madhurima Roy

Kedar Pujara

Raghav Muralidharan

Ian Bolliger

Abid Saifee

Peter Stovall


Teams will showcase their innovative solutions to our panel of judges and the hackathon community. After the demos, stick around for a special “How to keep hacking for climate” event at 10am, followed by the announcement of the winners at 11am. Don’t miss this chance to celebrate everyone’s hard work and achievements!


While judges deliberate, join for a special event to learn how to continue the climate impact we started this weekend.


Judges will announce the winners – and celebrate everyone’s hard work and achievements!


Climate Action Educational Game

Terra.do invites you to design and develop an engaging educational game that inspires players to take meaningful climate action.

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// Submission Requirements

// Create an educational game that will:

1. Inspire action

2. Engage and Entertain

3. Educate

4. Foster Community


Head of Product, Cloverly; Co-Founder, Chicago Climate Connect

Mackenzie leads product at Cloverly, a digital platform for scaling climate action. She co-founded Chicago Climate Connect, a major climate event series. With over a decade in product management, she focuses on a connected, equitable, climate-resilient future.

Product & Strategy Lead at Net Zero Technologies

Madhurima is a product and growth professional in the UAE, working with climate tech startups. She leads at Net Zero Technologies and consults for ReeCycle and AtmoCooling. With experience in B2B SaaS and agriculture, she is passionate about circularity and climate resilience.

Tech Lead ML and Products, Social Impact at Meta

Manav leads AI and technical systems at Meta, supporting sustainability for individuals, creators, and businesses. He simplifies complex systems for cross-functional collaboration and believes in embedding circularity to reduce energy needs.

Principal Quantitative Engineer at Reask

Ian models societal and financial risks from extreme climate events. At Reask, he aids insurers and governments in managing weather risk. Previously, he worked at BlackRock and Rhodium Group. Ian holds degrees from Harvard and UC Berkeley and serves on the Science Alliance for Protect Our Winters.

Senior Associate, Carbon-Free Buildings at RMI

Raghav focuses on energy efficiency in buildings at RMI. He previously worked on decarbonizing industrial sectors at RMI. Raghav holds a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and is interested in climate, energy efficiency, and food/ag system sustainability.

Principal Product Manager, Raptor Maps

Peter is a product leader at Raptor Maps, helping scale the solar industry with B2B software. He has experience in startups and mature enterprises, was a Director at Fasken, and is a Climate Product Leaders member and sustainability ambassador.

Head of Sustainability, GitHub

Paull leads sustainability at GitHub, aiming for water positivity and renewable electricity by 2025 and carbon negativity by 2030. Formerly at Meta, he focuses on AI for climate impact and builds cross-functional sustainability teams.

Sr. Director, Product Management, ecomedes

Abid leads product at Ecomedes, a SaaS platform enhancing brand value through product data. He has driven growth across industries like pharmaceuticals, electronics, and fashion retail, focusing on social responsibility and cleantech.

Software Engineer, Voltus

Aditya integrates systems into energy markets at Voltus, enabling broader participation in demand response. Previously at Amazon, he supported government benefits programs for low-income customers. Passionate about cleaner food systems and digital storytelling, he is a former Terra.do Learning for Action Fellow.

// About us

Terra.do is building the world’s largest platform for climate action Our mission: Get 100 million people to work directly on climate in this decade. Over 50% of the world’s GDP is getting completely disrupted or transformed by climate. To adapt, we believe that at least 100 million people (that’s just 1% of humanity!) will need to learn climate skills, build new professional networks and find new kinds of work in this decade. We started Terra.do to build the ramp for these 100 million people.

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